PC vs Mac: An Analysis of the Best Trading System

One of the main dilemmas that face new and continuing traders is which machine to choose for their day trading activities. The two most common platforms for computer users are Windows and OSX. The two have their respective capabilities in the areas they are applied. For Mac users, the features that come as part of the ecosystem are usually a pulling factor. When it comes to raw forex trading, though, not many people know exactly how different or similar the PC versus Mac experience is. MT4 Mac users, for example, might often prefer their familiarity with the system over features that come with PC. The three most important factors that differentiate the two systems are:

  • Raw Power
  • Software Reliability
  • Accessibility

The following is an analysis of the two systems under the above factors to determine which of them is the best.

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1. Raw Power

In terms of power, the two systems have the latest and greatest programs. They also both feature specifications of modern computers. The operation mechanism is however different where the Mac is much more optimized for speed and reliability. PCs, on the other hand, are general-purpose systems that are not particularly tuned for any specific use. You can generally expect a Mac to have almost no lags when performing analytics on trading platforms. The speed difference might not be much but in overall, the Mac is a much faster system.

2. Software Reliability

Programs and features are what make any system reliable. While there is not much difference in terms of what you can find in both systems, it is safe to say that PCs have more depth when it comes to programs. Most of the trading programs available are created with PC users in mind. This means that there are generally more options for traders who will use a PC for their work. Macs are limited to a closed platform and while trading programs are not scarce, the depth that is found on the PC platform is nonexistent for Macs. For this reason, PCs provide more reliability in terms software.


3. Accessibility

There are certain factors like cost, user-friendliness, and flexibility of the system that determine how accessible it is to users. PCs are accessible to the majority of people because they come in different styles, price ranges, and models. For Macs, there is not much flexibility and a user has only one option. The good thing, however, is that Mac users buy them because they like their power and they can rely on the machines. If you are planning on trading with a set budget, PCs are definitely more accessible to you.

In summary, the two systems are not particularly different when it comes to raw manipulation of forex data. As long as the desired program is available on the platform, then everything else boils down to personal choice. The PC is generally the better option for new traders who might not have the resources to buy a Mac. PCs also come with more programs since the platform is open. Macs, on the other hand, are great for users who want speed, reliability and a user-friendly experience.

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