All-in-one iPhone apps helping sports fans stay up to date

Mobile applications have completely changed the way in which we live. Although there seems to be a website for everything, apps have become arguably more important as they allow even quicker access to our favourite services. Sports fans are spoilt for choice with hundreds of options available for every sport and fulfilling multiple purposes including delivery of live scores, news and betting services. However, downloading apps for all of these purposes can spell trouble for your iPhone memory. Thankfully there are a number of “all-in-one” applications which collect information from a number of sources, saving you time and memory space. For example, sports fans who bet can use odds comparison apps like oddschecker which, as well as providing an extensive list of free bet offers, also allow fans to log in and place bets on any of their bookmaker accounts. These apps save sports fans the time it would take to switch between different apps to compare odds or place different bets, while also helping them save precious iPhone memory. Here are some other similar examples.

Live Score Apps

Live score apps are an essential part of any sports fan’s collection, especially those interested in multiple leagues or sports. They provide fans with live match updates for all popular leagues and competitions, while also allowing users to select their favourite teams and receive push notifications for any important events during fixtures. For example, football fans rely on apps like BeSoccer which provide scores, league tables and statistics from most of the world’s football leagues, meaning those who follow teams from multiple leagues don’t need to download apps for each one.

Fans of multiple sports also have a number of all-in-one options to help them stay in the loop. LiveScore and Flashscore are a couple of the most popular examples, offering updates on a variety of sports ranging from football to golf.

News Aggregators

Another extremely useful all-in-one app for sports fans is a news aggregator, a type of application which aims to provide balance in news reporting by displaying information from different newspaper sites. The great thing about this is that sports fans can use regular news apps which allow them to choose the interests they want the app to aggregate news on. So, users can simply choose their favourite sports or teams as a topic and enjoy all the latest updates about them. Great examples include Google News, Feedly and Flipboard.

Fans of a particular sport like football can enjoy dedicated aggregators; for example, football fans can choose from the likes of OneFootball and All Football, which provide news on the worlds top teams, leagues and players.