Alleged NVIDIA GTX 1170 Benchmark Surfaces, Faster Than 1080 Ti

There has been an alleged NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1170 benchmark picture that has been making its rounds on the internet. This benchmark shows that the new performance segment card has some very impressive performance, actually beating NVIDIA’s own GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The card in the below picture scores 29,752 in 3DMark’s FireStrike benchmark.

gtx 1170 benchmark

This card features a 256-bit memory interface paired with 16GB of GDDR6 memory and it looks to be running at a very high ~2.5 GHz clock speed, which would make it the highest clocked graphics card we’ve ever seen. The 29,752 score puts it ahead of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64. Looking at the results its performance is 65% faster than the GTX 1070 and 38% faster than the GTX 1080.

gtx 1170 benchmark2

Now don’t get too excited yet, there are quite a few red flags with this benchmark.

First this is a photograph rather than a screenshot of the result. This person could have easily taken a screenshot of a 3DMark score, went ahead and edited it the GTX 1170 details and displayed this picture on their screen and taken a photo. We’ve actually seen this done in the past.

Secondly, this 3DMark result cannot be found in the 3DMark database. The tester could have easily blocked 3DMark from creating a online entry of this result, but the above photo shows shows a database entry rather than an offline 3DMark benchmark run. One that cannot be found online.

Third is that 3DMark displays the card as in fact a GeForce GTX 1170. It is quite unlikely that 3DMark would be able to correctly identify a GeForce GTX 1170 at this stage. Typically when we have early versions of cards leaked they show up as “generic VGA” in 3DMark.

Finally the clock speed is just absurd. ~2.5 GHz clock speed out of the box is insane, and I don’t see these chips getting anywhere near that. Even 2.0 GHz on 12nm is very optimistic.

So take this all with a grain of salt right now, it would be nice to see this type of performance increase over the previous generation, but it is really not likely.

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