Alligator Skin iPhone Case: Helpful Choosing Tips from Labodet Store

Cell phones indisputably change our lives. In 2007 Steve Jobs presented the first model of the iPhone, and it flipped the world around. Since that time, everybody still needs a case for his or her opulent mobile phone. It is always the first purchase after the phone! Protection of a fragile screen and glossy backside is important to save the device in working order. At the same time, the case should be stylish and gorgeous. A French company Labodet precisely produces such goods. If you need the best alligator skin iPhone case, you must order one from the Labodet store!

Nevertheless, there might be some problems with how to choose a worthy and original leather case for your iPhone. To deal with them, you need to read the text below.

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Luxury iPhone Case: What It Should Look Like

There are many articles about how to choose a leather case written by people who have never dealt with original skins. It is the reason why you need to familiarize yourself with the tips from the Labodet experts. Three main species of crocodiles are used to produce leather for accessories:

  • American alligator
  • Nile crocodile
  • Caiman

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Alligator, crocodile, and caiman leather

The first two reptiles have top-class skin but with different textures and patterns. The third, caiman’s hide, has special calcium rivets, and reliable manufacturers abscond from using it for luxury products.

An original alligator leather accessory must: 

  • be expensive because the reptile is an exotic animal, and a few farms can sell skins for manufacturers
  • be soft and supple to touch
  • be less glossy and not have an artificial appearance
  • have a symmetrical pattern despite the part of the hide it is made. Labodet mainly uses the belly part because it is more beautiful and gorgeous
  • not have follicle dots as crocodiles have

One more feature of alligator leather is that it can be easily dyed. This fact allows for creating a wide range of colors to choose from for your case. Pay attention to these details and enjoy the original alligator skin accessories.

How to Select a Perfect Cover Accessory Both to Protect Your iPhone and Emphasize Your Lifestyle?

There is a short list of tips to answer this question.

  1. Check your wardrobe and determine the colors you wear more often. The case must suit your clothes as well as all other accessories. You will be amazed by the extensive variety of colors of cases for different tastes.
  1. Choose the type of leather you want: alligator, calf, ostrich, or some other. It must demonstrate the status of the owner and have high protective characteristics.
  1. Decide on the type of case you need. There are some constant options of cover accessories made by Labodet, and product assortment continues to increase. Below is a small description of the main positions.
  • Classic cover. It is an elegant and functional type of case. Simple but perfect.
  • With a leather strap. This case is made for convenient use of iPhones of a large size, and it attracts all eyes to you.

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  • The pouch-type and folio-type cases. Both variants are good for those who want to protect the screen of the smartphone. The main difference between them is in the way of covering the front side of the iPhone.
  • Cases with wallet or MagSafe. These cover accessories are made for people who prefer to take all necessary things along, especially a battery charger.

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  •  The last option is a cross-body bag case. The name of the model is self-explanatory.

Take into account the pieces of advice from this article to identify true alligator skin and choose the best case for your iPhone or straightway order one from the Labodet store!