Alphacool Launches the Eisbaer Solo Chrome DIY CPU Pump+Block

Today Alphacool has unveiled the Eisbaer Solo Chrome DIY pump+block, which is a variant of the Eisbaer Solo. This one features a chrome mirror finish on all sides and a clear acrylic window on one of those sides. This unit combines a CPU water block with a 70 l/h pump and reservoir all in one.

eisbaer chrome 1 eisbaer chrome 2

The pump inside the unit features an ultra low-noise ceramic bearing and an operation speed of 2600 RPM with a maximum head of 0.85 m. Inside the package you’ll find mounting hardware for LGA2066/2011, LGA115x, LGA1366, and AM4 sockets as well as thermal compound.

eisbaer chrome 3 eisbaer chrome 4

The unit is available now.

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