Steam Users Give Metro Exodus Positive Reviews While Bashing The Epic Games Store

The Metro Exodus PC launch has been an interesting one to say the least. While the game was initially available for pre-order on Steam, closer to launch the developers of the game made a deal to go exclusive on the Epic Games Store for a year. This was met with backlash from Steam users, who obviously wanted the game on Steam. They were so upset that they went and review-bombed the game on Metacritic.

For those who were able to pre-order the game on Steam before the decision was made to go exclusive on the Epic Games Store the reviews have been very positive. Right now the game has a “Very Positive” rating based on 2553 user reviews. Digging a bit deeper into the reviews it appears that while they are positive, most of them are aimed at the Epic Games Store, as you can see below.

metro steam 2

While this is not as bad as review-bombing the game it still is not the best way to go about things. Do you think other publishers will think twice about going exclusive on the Epic Games Store?

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