Steam Fanboys Review-bomb Metro Exodus on Metacritic

The Metro Exodus steam saga has been going on since the games publisher announced that the game would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. We do expect Epic threw some money their way, but on top of that the Epic Games store does offer a higher revenue share to publishers. This decision has led to a very big backlash from Steam users. They actually went as far as giving all of the other Metro titles that remained on Steam bad reviews and now it seems that these same users have review-bombed the game on review ratings aggregator Metacritic.

metro meta

The way that Metacritic works is that it puts the average reviews of popular media publications and user reviews side-by-side. This of course helps gamers know if a game is hyped too much by the media. In this case Metro Exodus has a Metascore of 84, but a User Score of only 4.8. These scores are out of 100 so a 4.8 is pretty damn bad! Most of the bad user reviews point out that the game is not available on Steam etc. Will this be a lesson to other AAA titles that decide to go exclusive on the Epic Games store?

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