Amazon Announces New Fire TV Cube

Amazon has just announced a new product in their “Fire” product line. This new product will sit as the flagship streaming product in their “Fire” line. It is the new Fire TV Cube, which is a handsfree box capable of streaming 4K Ultra HD content with Alexa voice controls. Besides Alexa voice control it also features HDMI CEC and Dolby Atmos support.

Amazon Cube

Inside the box you will find a power adapter, IR extender cable, Ethernet adapter, as well as an Alexa voice remote. The device comes with 16GB of storage, can play back 4K Ultra HD content at 60 fps and has HDR enabled. Sound is powered by Dolby Atmos, which we mentioned above.

Amazon Cube2

You don’t need the Alexa remote to use Alexa with the Fire TV cube. There are eight microphones embedded in the cube to listen to commands from users. These microphones feature beamforming technology that reduces noise and other advanced additions which allows it “to make sure Alexa clearly hears your request.”

Since the Fire TV Cube has HDMI CEC it will allow users to turn their TV’s on an off. Amazon gave the following example regarding the feature: “Even with the TV off, simply say ‘Alexa, play Billions on SHOWTIME’ and Fire TV Cube powers on your TV and starts playback right where you left off.” The Cube also has compatibility extension for cable companies like the DISH, Comcast, and DirecTV, so you can use the Fire TV Cube to switch to a specific channel etc.

Amazon Cube3

For those wondering about price the Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order at a special price of $89.99 for Amazon prime members. After that the device will sell for $119.99. It will start shipping June 21st, and if you register the device before July 1st you’ll get a $10 credit towards Prime Video. See all of the details here.

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