AMD Announces A10-7850K Kaveri APU Specifications and Architectural Details

The official debriefing has been given by AMD and it seems like we have a handful of details regarding the next generation Kaveri APU by AMD and this puts a lot on our plates. The upcoming A-Series Kaveri APUs by AMD are going to be branded as A10/A8/A6/A4-7000 series and these are now going to be ready to take place of the A10/A8/A6/A4-6000 series ‘Richland’ APUs. We already knew about a few details but the slides by AMD have confirmed these. Along with the GCN core architecture, the APU is going to feature the all new 28nm Steamroller core architecture and development on this newer platform has been made easier with the HSA enhancements. The APU is going to be for the desktop platform on its release and it has the FM2+ socket which is for desktop PCs.


The Steamroller core architecture which we mentioned earlier comes with up to four multi-threaded x86 cores and their design expands the efficiency in computation along with showing improvements in the single core execution. Steamroller is one of the strongest and biggest cores which AMD has had and it will lower the power consumption but at the same time it will give out an improved IPC rate over Piledriver and Bulldozer. Talking about the graphics, the same GCN architecture is being used and up to eight GCN compute units can be housed by the APU. Most importantly, the GCN extends full support for DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.3 and this ensures that the users will have richer and more powerful gaming experiences.


Kaveri is also adopting the HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) enhancements which are powered by the HUMA enhancements which provide for coherent memory access within the GPU and CPU. The HUMA enhancements provide uniformity in the memory access to both the CPU and the GPU and all this is controlled through the memory controller.


The APU that is going to take over the Richland A10-6800K APU in the year 2014 is most probably going to be the AMD A10-7850K which is expected to be the flagship Kaveri APU for 2014. This one is going to be featuring four Steamroller cores and 512 GCN stream processors and this ensures that as far as performance of graphics is concerned, it would end up being on level with the Radeon HD 7750. And though the compute is 856 GFLops which is pretty impressive it is still lower than 1 TFLops class APU AMD mentioned a few months back.