iPad Mini Retina Released – Only 512MB of RAM?

The release of the iPad mini has been more of a surprise to us all since it has mysteriously released before it was due officially. It only seemed like yesterday when we were flooded with news of the display of this version of the iPad being flawed and faulty but it appears that Apple had taken this news outspread as a challenge and worked on it with effective results which can be seen in the form of the release of the iPad mini. It is now available for purchase and you can get your hands on it which would cost you $400.

iPad Mini Retina

There was high demand of the retina display and to correct the faulty display, there was no better name to approach than Samsung and that is exactly what Apple did. The RAM of merely 512MB on the previous iPad mini was quite low and was the source of many problems. We know that the iOS does not require a larger RAM but this was still insufficient. The disappointing thing is that the iPad mini retina is featuring the same 512 MB of RAM. This has come as a bit of a shock since it was stated earlier that it will have a RAM of 1 GB but later the reports stated the opposite. It has finally been confirmed through a certified Chinese retailer of Apple (see screenshot below). Thought he processor featured on this one is powerful without a doubt, the news of the RAM is quite a disappointment.


Source: WCCFTech | News Archive