SAPPHIRE Bundles Battlefield 4 Across R-Series Graphics Cards

SAPPHIRE Technology has been known as one of the best around the world and it is the supplier of AMD’s graphics cards which are based on the newest GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture. As if the wait for the newest graphics cards had already not excited the gamers and enthusiasts, SAPPHIRE is putting some more fun into this; it will be giving away vouchers for Battlefield 4 with the purchase of any R series cards. The name Battlefield 4 surely requires no introduction. It currently falls under the category of the world’s most famous game and it has been evident that it runs best on the graphics cards which are based on the GCN architecture.


This bundling of the game was first done with the Special Edition of the flagship R9 290X graphics card and now the vouchers will be offered alongside other cards which form part of the R series. One of these is the SAPPHIRE R9 290 which has only launched recently and some other products from the SAPPHIRE Dual-X series range. Apart from this, the voucher offerings will be made with the SAPPHIRE R9 280X Dual-X, the SAPPHIRE R9 280 Dual-X, the SAPPHIRE R9 270X Dual-X and the brand new SAPPHIRE R9 270 Dual-X. The Dual-X series items which have just been mentioned come equipped with a dual extraction technology which provides efficient cooling.

Source: Sapphire | News Archive