ASRock Unveils Two Motherboards Made for Bitcoin Mining

The popularity of bitcoin has been taking quite a toll and its status has indeed improved since 2009 when it was introduced. If there is anyone who wants to take a chance and be a millionaire overnight without a day’s work then maybe he should put some serious thought into a bitcoin investment. As more people are beginning to understand the concept of bitcoin mining, it was a wise decision on ASRock’s part to roll out some motherboards which aim to take care of bitcoin mining.


Bitcoin is a digitized form of currency and the concept was first put forward by “Satoshi Nakamoto” who was a pseudonymous developer. This form of peer to peer digital currency enjoys the freedom of being separate from any central authority. Every transaction is permanently recorded on a public ledger and the process of payment is all handled by computers which are exclusively programmed for this particular task. ASRock brings in the motherboards which will assist in the process of bitcoin mining; which is the process of acquiring these through computing. The new motherboards, the H81 Pro BTC and H61 Pro BTC, will help those who want to enter in the world of bitcoin mining. The H81 Pro BTC especially is perfect for this as it extends support for six PCIe slots for multiple mining graphics cards which have been teamed up with two extra 4 pin power connectors to bring on extra mining power.

Source: ASRock | News Archive