PS4 APU Apparently Has 128 Hidden Stream Processors

The APU by AMD, named as Bonaire and Pitcairn GPUs and Jaguar Cores, has been successfully delivered to both the Xbox One and PS4. Reports have shown that the PS4 has been equipped with 1152 SPs and 8 Jaguar Cores but some leaked information confirms that there are 128 SPs left which are still unaccounted for.


Although we cannot deny what the little leaked information has revealed and there are chances it might be true but at the same time we should keep our minds open for any possibilities. It might have been so that the unaccounted 128 SPs have been eliminated or they are of no use. We might also consider that they have not been deactivated on a permanent basis and are only slightly inactive. All this information has been revealed through and they have they have backed their report by proof since they tore down the PS4 APU and noticed that there are 128 more than the number which has officially been stated.


In total there are 20 AMD Radeon Graphic cores where each of the cores is part of a group of 64 Stream Processors and once we multiply these two numbers we get the number 1152. It was previously thought that there would be 18 cores only but now it is confirmed that there are 20 and there are 2 cores which have been left unaccounted. 2 cores might not sound as a big number but thinking that it’s 10% of Pitcairn’s power will make you realize that it does create a lot of difference. We can only explain this by three possibilities. Either the SPs have only been deactivated on a permanent basis and though this is most unlikely yet this can be one of the reasons that they have been hidden for some reason (such as providing extra boost up). One other possibility has also come up that the inactive SPs could only be activated by Sony. Now this has surely given us something to chew on and it is likely that Sony might roll out a patch which will provide a fix for the 10% of power lost.

Source: | News Archive