Antec Announces the P100 ATX Case

Antec Inc. has been known well in the world of power supplies and computer enclosures and just when the newer releases of computer chassis and cases had been taking a toll in the market, it rolled out a special PC case which has been designed and fashioned in a way which will reduce the noise. The P100 ATX was only recently introduced as a quiet and cool chassis with a sophisticated look to it.

Antec P100 ATX Case

This PC case has been built using the special Performance One series design by Antec which has also won an award and with the incorporation of the exclusive Quiet Computing technologies, Antec has been able to throw in a decent, high performance and silent PC case. The P100 ATX houses seven expansion slots and as if this wasn’t enough, the case extends support for two tool-less drives of 5.25 inches and seven tool-less 3.5″/ 2.5″ drives. With value based pricing, the PC case is an ideal option for those who want to work with silent environments and high end features. And not only that, it is the only silent case which can be labeled as being economical and the achievement of this can wholly be attributed to the Smart Cooling Solution (S.C.S.) and Quiet Computing technologies.

For more detail on the product specs, some important points have been highlighted in the list below:

• Has a solid built which comes from the high-density acoustic material
• The S.C.S. constitutes of 5 x 120 mm fan mounts along with preinstalled 120 mm FDB fans
• Steel & Foam side panels help to keep away system noise
• Dust-free filters which can be removed and cleansed
• Removable drive bays
• Support for Graphic Cards up to 12.5″ (317.5 mm) in length

Source: Antec | News Archive