Cooler Master Announces the Nepton Series All-in-One CPU Coolers

Cooler Master has been known since long as one of the most reliable manufacturers of high quality and high performance PC components and provides the best cooling solutions. It has added yet another one to its remarkable collection; the all new Nepton All-in-One (AIO) water cooler series. The series would feature the Nepton 140XL and Nepton 280L and each of these will have a specially designed pump which is exclusively the product of Cooler Master.


The fact that both these water coolers are factory sealed and fitted makes them ready for installation out of the box. This also provides an added benefit of being operation without needing any sort of adjustments or maintenance. The new water cooler series have been equipped with high performance fans which are specifically designed for higher air pressures and heat dissipation.

The Nepton 280L not only comes with the dual JetFlo 140 fans but also has an extra large 280 mm radiator. When these two team up together, they are capable of generating such high cooling powers that they are able to dissolve up to 300W of heat. High CPU over clocking is not an issue at all since it features a pure copper base. The performance is further improved with the long and thick FEP tubing which restricts the water flow and hence improves performance.

Both the water coolers have been designed with the special thumb screw based mounting kits and this simplifies the installation processes since no mounting steps have to be followed.

Source: Cooler Master | News Archive