G.Skill First to Have High Speed SO-DIMMs Advanced Tested on Intel NUC Platform

G.Skill must be really proud to have received the Advanced Tested certification for their 4 GB and 8 GB 1866MHz DDR3L (low voltage, 1.35v) SO-DIMMs on the Intel NUC D53427RKE platform with the Core i5 Ivy Bridge processor. This certification was delivered by the Computer Memory Test Labs which are more commonly known as the CMTL. There is no doubting the certification awarded by CMTL since they are known to be the best in the industry of independent memory compatibility and functionality testing. The delivery of this certification was recently announced by the CMTL and the President of the company alleged that it will good news for the Intel NUC customer base as the high speed G.Skill SO-DIMMs have been Advanced Tested.


The company is receiving a lot of requests for the advance tests for the Intel NUC form factor platform and this shows how much they are catching up with the market and are surely getting popular. With higher speeds, the SO-DIMMs definitely provide better performances and that too in small form factors. The marketing team at G.Skill is surely determined to make the fastest RAMs for new platforms so they are able to give the customers an all new computing experience which they have never experienced before.

Source: G.Skill | News Archive

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