Friday, September 21, 2018
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Custom ROM for Galaxy Gear Allows it to Connect to any Mobile Device

The first custom ROM for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch has been released and it brings a lot of interesting features with it. The most important being that it will allow the smartwatch to be paired with any Android device, so you do not need a Samsung Galaxy phone to use the smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This custom ROM is called Null and roots the smartwatch to give users access to the bootloader. The ROM is based on stock Android and includes the Nova launcher. Null allows users to search the web using the smartwatch and also install third party applications.

Null ROM

Bluetooth pairing and Bluetooth tethering with all devices has been added as well. So you can connect the watch to any Android device. A native e-mail client has been added in along with calendar and contacts sync. A browser and gallery have been added from CyanogenMod 10.2 and the video recording limit has been increased to 60 seconds. You can also all live background and there is a new weather widget.

Null also gives users full access to Google’s Play Store.

Source: XDA | News Archive

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