Xbox One will have a Native YouTube App

We all know by know what Microsoft has thought of its Xbox One and its surely represents it as a device which offers a complete solution. This is unfortunately not true completely since there is one major thing lacking on this so called ‘complete media source’ and that is the way to catch up on YouTube videos. But it seems like Microsoft is not going to back down and it will by all means make sure that their console is pretty much everything a media centre needs and it is making some changes in the new system which will come on the 22nd of this month. Microsoft is making a native YouTube client available on this new system and this will be something new and innovative since it is not featured on the PS4 as yet. But this will also not hurt the PS4 fans and owners since they can always enjoy the videos using the web browser.


Coming along with the Kinect-based gesture, the new system is going to allow for subscriptions to the channel and will also take up voice commands. This is all we have for now but Microsoft has ensured that the future versions are definitely going to have better and newer features incorporated in them and one such example is the Snap Mode. It has to be kept in mind that the launch of this application quite obviously doesn’t indicate towards the resolve of Google and Microsoft over YouTube but it certainly means that cat clips and blooper reels will be streamed easily from wherever you are. A recent update on the app also indicates that users can use YouTube’s Android and iOS apps to send videos to the console.

Source: Engadget | News Archive