Xbox One Sales Reach 1 Million In Less Than 24 Hours

The most anticipated next gen console by Microsoft is out and rocking. With its introductory lineup across 13 different countries, the Xbox One was able to generate a sales figure of over and above one million within the first 24 hours of its release. Microsoft needs to pull up on the manufacturing gear since more units of the vastly demanded console will be required considering how retailers were left with empty shelves soon after the console had launched. These sales made a record of best day one console sales of the company. Comparing this with the predecessor, Xbox 360, this next gen console has surpassed its sales figure of 330,000 which was generated in the first one month.


Many of us had been very skeptical about the launch day of this console but with the empty shelves at retailers’ and the high volume of sales, it seems like the criticism prior to the launch has not done much damage. But this also doesn’t mean that Microsoft can now sit back and enjoy with the tough competitor still in the market. And the beginning of the Xbox One will not look to be so satisfactory after all if we compare it with the PS4. But we also have in mind that the consumer is the ultimate jewel and according to the responses of consumers on both consoles, things have been going quite great.

Where both consoles seemed to have been taking the lead, Sony might just be at the verge of victory with the sales mark of one million reached after the console was launched in two countries only, whereas Microsoft has been able to get to this mark after launching the game in thirteen countries. So consequently, Microsoft failed to top up the PS4 mark and some of this might be attributed to the lesser stock and as stated by Microsoft, this problem will soon be looked into.

Source: Xbox | News Archive