Tesoro Technology Introduces the Lobera Supreme and Lobera Gaming Keyboards

Tesoro Technology brings in a new treat for casual and hardcore gamers. One of the leading manufacturers of high end gaming products is now going to be releasing a series of keyboards which would include the Tesoro Lobera and Tesoro Lobera Supreme, named after the sword of bravery.


There will be two models of the Tesoro Lobera; the Lobera Supreme and the Lobera which is more on the mechanical side. The Lobera Supreme offers the mechanical gaming grade switches which are available in three different types; red, blue, brown and black. On the other hand, the Lobera has been built around a special type of technology which has been designed by Tesoro itself. With the ability to enhance quality of membrane keyboard, it helps in keeping them long lasting.


In the current gaming market, both these models stand out from the rest with their advance features and specifications. Profiles which are saved in the built in memory (512 KB) can easily be changed and modified and macros can be recorded without any delays since there is no requirement of any software for that. This is good news for the hardcore gamers since tournaments don’t allow the installation of any external software but with the settings stored in the built in memory, the keyboards will remain synchronized. Moreover, the models feature the switchable USB 6 N-Key to Full N-Key Rollover function. This eliminates the need to worry about the buttons being registered or not.

Features common to both models:

• High speed 2XUSB 2.0 hub
• Audio and mic jack and DC-In jack
• Optional DC-IN power supply to provide more power to charge phones and tablets
• Brushed texture surface finish for higher durability
• Anti-slip feet
• Braided cable with gold-plated USB connectors
• Lobera Supreme is priced at €119 and will come out in 2014
• Lobera mechanical version is priced at €79

Source: Tesoro Technology | News Archive