iBuyPower Steam Machine Revealed

Many people have been concerned about the longevity of the Steam Machine initiative by Valve but this one surely is quite attractive. Many people, gamers in particular, have been looking for different ways to get out of the world of PC gaming and anything is welcome which gives a break to the contemporary norms of PC gaming and Steam seems to have done that quite right. But we are still wondering what the Steam Machine will have in store for us and for now all we can do is wait.


iBuyPower has finally given away its own alternative and the Steam Machine is not the least bit on the cheaper or affordable side by the attractiveness will surely catch everyone by interest. It appears to be everything that a gamer can wish for and is perfect for those who pay equal amount of attention to the physical attributes. The Steam Machine presents itself in a rectangular shaped white box which has a red / green light running across its length. The pictures have revealed the console to be quite large but the makers have claimed that it is larger than the PS4 but still smaller than the Xbox One.


The features and specs of the Steam Machine can be seen below:

• Multi-core AMD CPU
• Connectivity offered with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• 500GB hard drive
• AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card
• Steam OS which is Linux-based
• Price expected to be at $499

Source: The Verge | News Archive