EVGA Preparing GeForce GTX 780 Ti KingPin Edition

K|NGP|N is now on the team with EVGA and they have joined hands to work together on a new GeForce graphic card. It has been said that this card is being under development to be introduced as the fastest card in the graphic world. We have already seen a lot of impressive work from EVGA and their designs are truly impressive especially with their long lasting classified series of products, the latest ACX cooled designs and their several shots at the custom dual-chip boards.


The EVGA GeForce graphic card is not going to end up as a dual-chip attempt as ASUS’s recent ROG 760 MARS or their other attempt at a dual chip GK104 based product. This product was said to have been canned solely due to the NVIDIA’s green light program. The cooling scheme of this card is similar to the ACX cooler and it has been equipped with some updated features such as the carbon fiber touch which is on both the sides of the shroud. Apart from this, there is a red base plate which makes the card look quite attractive and ‘cool’ and the back plate is embedded with the K|NGP|N logo. The cooling solution also includes the two separate aluminum fin heat sinks which are sort of interconnected with the aid of the proper heat pipe layout.


Though nothing has been confirmed about the GPU specifications but the card is most likely to feature the GK110-425 B1 chip which is also featured on the GeForce GTX 780 Ti; the only difference will be the increased clock speeds. If we compare the GTX 780 Ti with the Radeon R9 290X, the thing lacking is the VRAM in size and so we are expecting the new card to feature a higher capacity VRAM, most probably 6 GB. With all the enhancements and updated features, the card is expected to be priced at a premium level but the specs are surely going to lure in enthusiasts when it will be officially released in December.

Source: Video Cardz | News Archive