SAPPHIRE Releases Performance Boost BIOS for R9 290

We surely remember the SAPPHIRE R9 290 graphics card which was only recently introduced and has been based on the GCN architecture from AMD. SAPPHIRE has made yet another announcement introducing a special BIOS exclusive for this graphics card which will aid in performance boost. With its release, the SAPPHIRE R9 290 brought forward the enthusiast level performance and for those who think of the flagship R9 290X model to be too overly priced, they can have all the new features at a more affordable rate in the SAPPHIRE R9 290.


Tuning performance has always been of keen interest to the gamers and enthusiast and SAPPHIRE provides just the perfect platform for such adjustments and makes these things easy to achieve. The TriXX software by SAPPHIRE is of immense help in this case and can be downloaded for free from the company’s own website. Once you have this software at hand, you can adjust the clock speeds according to your own liking and not only this you can also set the fan speeds and save different profiles.

After internal testing under various operating conditions, SAPPHIRE is now releasing a BIOS specifically for the currently available R9 290 which operates with a different fan profile, and a maximum fan speed of 47%. The company believes this offers the user the best compromise for enhanced performance, noise and reliability. The new BIOS and Flash tool are available free to download from the company’s website.

Source: Sapphire | News Archive