AMD Kaveri APU Platform Details Unveiled

At the AMD Developer Summit 2013, AMD was proud to introduce its next generation Kaveri APU. It was revealed at the introductory announcement that the APU was featuring the four Steamroller B cores and GCN based graphics. This was about two weeks ago and by now we have been able to get our hands on some more details regarding how the new platform will work and what are the features which surely everyone by now wants to know.


The Steamroller B cores mentioned above will have a total L2 cache of 4 MB and will be accompanied by the new Turbo Core 3.0. This is the newest temperature start turbo core technology which will ensure that the APU is getting enough boosted clock speeds but which off course will depend on the temperature as well as power levels. There is no further information regarding how all this is going to be pulled off since an APU won’t be sent for testing till the month of January next year. But till then we can rely on the slides which have been leaked and have helped us gain a bit of an insight into the APU specs. According to these slides, the GCN and the Steamroller B cores will give side performance uplift to the CPU by 20% and a 30% GPU side improvement over the Richland APU.

AMD-Kaveri-APU-856-GFlops (1)

Moving on, the new Graphics Next Core provides a 30% increase on the graphics side but this can be improved further than the VLIW based IGP. Moreover, it is expected that the 512 Stream processors are going to generate such a performance that it is going to land somewhat closer to the Radeon HD 7750. Another surprising revelation has also been made which says that the mobility parts would offer Dual graphics compatibility with AMD’s Crystal Series chips. These chips are going to feature the GCN core architecture and are expected to arrive by the start of 2014.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive