BitFenix Announces the Colossus M Series PC Cases

The Colossus M Series has been extended as BitFenix has announced the addition of two new members recently. The all new Colossus Mini-ITX and Colossus Micro-ATX will now form part of the M series and are the latest creations from the design labs of the company which has been known for a while in its field of work. It must not be forgotten that all the members belonging to these series are like a premium compact housing which offer a clean and a futuristic design and style.


The luxury of the SofTouch Surface Treatment makes these systems look chic, modern and very much futuristic at the same time. Talking further of the physical appearances, the BitFenix LiteTrak lighting system make the systems looks extremely attractive and they appear to the catchy as the streak of bright light crosses from the front panel to the sides. These lights come in options of blue, green and red and the more exciting fact is that these lights can be chosen with the pulse effects of user’s own choice.


Inside, there are two 120 mm front and rear fans which have been preinstalled and since there is spacious area, this allows for an installation of additional five 120 mm fans for those who want some extra cooling charge. It can further support five 3.5″ drives or seven 2.5″ drives and or the customers who want to equip their systems with high end graphic cards, they can install cards up to 330 mm. Apart from this, 240 mm radiators on the top or front can easily be installed.


Some important features have been listed below:

• Micro-ATX motherboard compatibility which will offer possibilities for expansions
• 3.5″ hard drives can replace bottom fan
• For more flexibility, additional two 3.5″ HDDs or three 2.5″ SSDs can be installed
• Magnetic heat shield
• Allows installation of single graphics card and 240 mm water cooling radiator

Source: BitFenix | News Archive