AMD Announces FSR 3.1 With Improved Super Resolution Quality

During GDC 2024, AMD announced FidelityFX Super Resolution 3.1 (FSR 3.1). While FSR 3.0 maintains the super resolution upscaler from FSR 2.2 and introduces frame generation, FSR 3.1 enhances the upscaler with various image quality improvements across all performance presets.

In particular, it enhances the temporal stability of both static and moving output, aiming to minimize flickering, shimmering, or any “fizziness” surrounding moving objects. Additionally, the updated upscaler diminishes ghosting and preserves detail more effectively.

AMD FSR 3 1 blog title banner 1920x600

Moving forward, a significant adjustment has been made to the frame generation technology. AMD has separated FSR 3.1 frame generation from the upscaling technology, enabling frame generation to collaborate with alternative upscaling solutions like DLSS or XeSS. This decoupling opens up numerous possibilities—for instance, if you own an RTX 30-series “Ampere” GPU without DLSS 3 frame generation support, you can seamlessly utilize DLSS 2 for upscaling and FSR 3.1 for frame generation.

AMD FSR 3 Upcoming Games Mar20

AMD is consolidating its FidelityFX technologies into a new FidelityFX API, simplifying debugging for developers and ensuring compatibility with future FSR versions. Additionally, FSR 3.1 now supports Vulkan API and the Microsoft Xbox GDK. AMD intends to deliver FSR 3.1 to developers via its GPUOpen platform in Q2-2024, with initial game implementations anticipated later this year. In the interim, AMD has integrated FSR 3.1 into “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” to demonstrate the capabilities of the new upscaler.


Source: AMD