AMD Carizo APU To Replace Kaveri in 2015

A couple of hours ago one of the DigiTimes reported that Kaveri APUs from AMD might probably get postponed since their mass production hasn’t begun yet. Besides this there was some more information hidden in the news post which gives us the idea of the codenames for AMD’s 2015 series of APUs.

AMD Kaveri APU’s which are probable to turn up in the last quarter of this year or early next year shall feature the newest steamroller core architecture next gen graphics core which would perform a much higher performance leap over Trinity and Richland APUs. Having the core enhancements, the Kaveri APU will also offer for the very first time HUMA/HAS, which would directly aid PCs to utilize unified memory architecture which would permit cross sharing of system RAM between the GPU and CPU. This would definitely give PCs a new dimension to access and communicate with their memory.


Some other assumptions have also been made that in the year 2015, AMD would also launch the descendant to these chips. The successor to these chips would be codenamed as Carizo APU. It shall feature the HAS support but according to the info, it’s still unknown what the core and graphics be powered by. Carizo APU is expected to arrive in 2015. While at that time AMD would be either on a edge to launch or had already launched their Excavator core architecture and the Pirate Island series of graphic processors.

The thing we are not sure about is whether the Carizo APU would be a steamroller refresh like Richland or would it based on a completely new Excavator architecture.

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Source: DigiTimes | News Archive