AMD’s Quarterly Report Shows they are still Losing Money, Just Not as Much

AMD recently posted their quarterly financial results, and well they are still losing money. On the bright side though they are not losing as much compared to previous quarters. Is AMD finally turning things around and going to become profitable? AMD thinks so and they believe that they can turn profitable by September 30th of this year.


AMD has sure been working hard to turn profitable. Back in Q4 of 2012 they had losses of $473 million! Ever since that quarter they have made progress: In Q1 of 2013 the company lost $98 million and this quarter the company only lost $29 million. For those interested this quarters loss was posted on a revenue of $1.16 billion compared to the $1.41 billion revenue in the same quarter last year.

The Computing Solutions Division of AMD, you know the one responsible for shipping processors did turn a profit this quarter. While they posted a lower revenue of only $841 million this quarter, they did manage to make $2 million. Much better than their loss of $39 million last quarter. These numbers are based on notebook, desktop and server shipments.

The Graphics and Visual solutions division broke even with $16 million in operating income.

AMD expects its revenue to grow by 22 percent over the next quarter to push the company to profitability. Out of the 22 percent, 20 is expected to come from the launch of the new Xbox and PlayStation , both of which contain AMD silicon. AMD’s CEO did note that this spike in revenue would only be temporary.

Source: AMD | News Archive

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