Intel Revises NUC Cooling To Fix Design Flaw

Intel’s next unit of computing (NUC) is actually a tiny computer that highlights Intel’s ability to make small, interesting and useful form factors. It comes in two models; one is specifically catering the business applications while other is inclined towards consumers for general usage purpose. You will be surprised to hear the news which might not have come in anyone’s knowledge but for your information, Intel’s next unit of computing mini PC has a flaw, and the defect is; it does not cool the mPCIe card very well. The problem arises when the system gets too overloaded; the mini PCI express WLAN card can over heat which results in the mal-functioning of the mSATA SSD next to it.

Clearly this matter needed a quick resolution since here not one component was at stake but two of them. The solution to this which Intel is working on would be the change of its framework a bit, by adding a 9.5mm thick flexible thermal pad on the top panel. By doing that, the heat from the SSD is extracted out and spread evenly through the chassis rather than collecting around one component; which doubles as a heatsink.


Considering this and the USB 3.0 defect, it really seems Intel needs to sort out its problems quick.

Source: Fanless Tech | News Archive