USB 3.0 Defect in Intel 8-Series Chipsets Force September/October Motherboard Launch

Actually Intel’s revised 8-series chipsets were supposed to be available to motherboard OEMs as soon as this month turned up. According to a few sources, this won’t happen since chipset is just not ready. Intel Corporation has passed a statement to confirm the USB 3.0 interface on its Haswell processor supporting a chipset design defect. A portable drive disappeared phenomenon will appear in the system into standby. On the other hand, USB 3.0 ports stop working after entering or leaving windows sleep mode.

Intel Z87 Chipset

Intel 8 series chipset SB 3.0 defects, though not be very severe but still have spread an extensive concern. However, Intel has fixed the issue; we will see the effects in the second batch of the motherboard. Although the problem is not as bad as we have seen with the USB 3.0 on the 6 series chipsets, since the breakdown only occurs while using Windows 8.

The changed chipsets models include desktops Z87, H87, Q87, Q85, notebook HM87, HM86, QM87, server C222, C224, and C226.

Motherboard and notebook brand seller have begun to receive shipments of fixed chipsets, but they still need some time to regulate their designs or turn up with new ones, hence the September-October ETA.

Source: DigiTimes | News Archive