Leading Analyst Anticipates Shortages for PS4 and Xbox One During Launch

According to an analyst of Robert W. Baird, it is most likely that gamers will experience initial shortages during the launch of PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. Complexity involved in each system’s planned launch is being considered one of the main reasons behind the shortages, since its these two new consoles are getting an over whelming response/demand from the users resulting in huge number of pre-orders already. It is definitely creating a complex situation for the companies.


This shouldn’t be a surprise to the users since already around the globe, a massive number of game lovers have got their eyes stuck on the new gaming consoles. It can be well explained by the fact that already a lot of people have secured their consoles with pre-orders through digital or in-store retailers.

Experts say that they aren’t sure which console will hit the market first, but which ever does will have an advantage of gaining all the advantage and energy.

Other sources educate us that, Sony PlayStation demand is extremely high as the console remains more anticipated and top choice among the contenders. Therefore it will be very interesting to see Xbox One launching first.  Pre-orders for the both the consoles are sold out from almost every retailer. Some retailers are claiming that the demand is twice as high as it was for the previous models.

Microsoft Xbox One will carry a price tag of $499 retail and expected to release in November, while PlayStation P4 releasing during “holiday 2013” with a price of $399.

Source: Gamespot | News Archive

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