ASUS Z87-C First Motherboard WHQL Certified for Windows 8.1

ASUS has revealed their Z87-C, the first ever motherboard in the world which is based on Z87 chipset that has been honored with Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification for Windows 8.1. WHQL certification is the check of Microsoft that both the hardware and software of a component or device are reliable; basically it’s the verification from Microsoft that devices are totally compatible with a particular version of Windows. In this instance, the version of Windows that has to be authenticated is Windows 8.1. The point of fact is WQL holds great importance, e.g. all the BETA drivers for graphics card don’t get downloaded, as a substitute the consumers wait for the WHQL version.

ASUS Z87-C Motherboard

The ASUS Z87-C is a Socket 1150 motherboard for utilizing with 4th generation Intel Core Haswell processors and Windows 8.1. The best manufacturer of motherboards is none other than ASUS and WHQL certification for Windows 8.1 is an additional acknowledgment to the fact. This collaboration of ASUS with Microsoft proved to be very fruitful, being key partner it presents wide support for Windows 8.1 with Intel and AMD- based motherboards.

The announcement of WHQL certification for other models is still awaited.

Source: ASUS PR | News Archive