NVIDIA Unveils Quadro K6000 GPU for Visual Computing

Today NVIDIA unveiled their new flagship graphics card for the visual computing, the Quadro K6000. It is the fastest and most capable graphics card ever built. The Quadro K6000 delivers five-times higher compute performance and nearly double the graphics capability of its predecessor, the Quadro 6000. The Quadro K6000 also features the world’s largest and fastest graphics memory.


The Quadro K6000 is based on the NVIDIA Kepler architecture, performance features and capabilities include:

– 12 GB ultra-fast GDDR5 graphics memory lets designers and animators model and render characters and scenes at unprecedented scale, complexity and richness
– 2,880 streaming multiprocessor (SMX) cores deliver faster visualization and compute horsepower than previous-generation products
– Supports four simultaneous displays and up to 4k resolution with DisplayPort 1.2
– Ultra-low latency video I/O and support for large-scale visualizations

The NVIDIA Quadro K6000 will be available beginning this fall from major workstation providers and authorized distribution partners PNY, ELSA, Ryoyo and Leadtek.

Source: NVIDIA | News Archive

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