Dell Shows Off the UltraSharp 32 Ultra-HD Monitor

Dell has shown off a new Ultra HD monitor called The Dell UltraSharp 32. It was revealed at the SIGGRAPH event this week in Anaheim, California. Basically SIGGRAPH is a conference and exhibition all related to computer graphics and interactive techniques, so launching this type of monitor would be of great interest to many content design professionals attending it.

Dell UltraSharp 32

The UltraSharp 32 will be virtually Dell’s major and maximum resolution UltraSharp monitor and is designed for media & entertainment experts with responsibilities like, color critical work including film & video editors, animators, game and app developers, modelers and programmers. Dell also puts in that it offers a high pixel density with exceptional front of screen performance. As the name suggests, it is a 32 incher.

Dell UltraSharp 32

The key specs of the Dell UltraSharp 32 are as follows:

  • Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution
  • High performance IGZO screen technology
  • Vast color gamut with 1.07 billion colors – more than 64 times more colors than standard monitors
  • Supports Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software, including hardware LUT access for true color control.

Dell UltraSharp 32 has a matte rather than gloss finishing. A newly designed aluminum modifiable stand is offered with this, whereas a plastic clad stand was supplied with the previous UltraSharp monitors.

According to the reports it shall be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: Engadget | News Archive