Intel Core i7-3910K LGA2011 Processor Surfaces

We will see Intel’s Core i7 “Ivy Bridge-E” series in about two months, but until then there seems to be a mysterious “Sandy Bridge-E” part listed on roadmaps on different retailers. The part is a Intel Core i7-3910K. We are pretty sure it is not a typo as the list you see below even mentions the S-spec code “SR0TN” which is not the same as the “SW0WR” S-spec code of the Core i7-3970X.


The Core i7-3910K would be based off the same Sandy Bridge-E C3 stepping silicon as the i7-3970X and has a 3.0 GHz clock speed. We are unsure on how many cores, but based on the model number we are guessing it will be a 6-core part. Also the “K” on the end of the model name denotes that it will have an unlocked base-clock multiplier.

The most inexpensive 6-core LGA2011 part is the i7-3930K which is about $550. If Intel could price this new part just right, say like $400 it could give people some options. If you think about it the Core i7-4770K is $350, this chip while having a lower clock speed would be unlocked, have two more cores, support quad-channel memory and you would get more PCI Express lanes. Although again you would be an older micro-architecture.

Source: Expreview | News Archive

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