Logitech Comfort Keyboard K290 Revealed

Only four days to go for the launch of Logitech’s latest Comfort keyboard K290 specially designed to cater the mid-range consumer market.

The keyboard is a full-size layout with keys separated into three areas. All the keys are there where you expect them to be. So typing is faster and easier. It also includes the LED notification center at the top right of the keyboard. When the caps/num/scroll lock is enabled, the light gets switched on. The elegant black finish is complemented with slate grey keys that have a “frame” design to give the keyboard a contemporary/classy look. The bottom case and cable are cool blue, adding up a bit of freshness and character.

Logitech Comfort keyboard K290

It comes with a built-in palm rest and adjustable tilt. Your hands should move freely while you type. In between typing, you can use palm rest for resting your wrists. You can use the tilt legs to adjust the position of the keyboard accordingly. This keyboard, in comparison to other keyboards has low-profile keys, which makes typing less noisy and less disturbing to others. The typing noise is of 47.5 dBA for standard keys, 52.5 dBA for the special keys (multimedia keys at the top), and 55 dBA for the space bar.

Logitech Comfort keyboard K290

Furthermore the keyboard last for 10 million strokes without tiring down further than usability, also it is spill resistant. It won’t go dead if you mistakenly spill your drink on it.

Measuring 459 x 182.6 x 20.4 mm / 19.1 x  7.2 x 0.8 inches, which is not bad at all. It is available at a price of only $19.

Source: Logitech | News Archive