NVIDIA Re-Schedules SHIELD Launch Date for July 31

The introduction to NVIDIA’s launch has surely been out of the ordinary. There was this time when the demand was so strong that NVIDIA pulled pre-orders ahead by a couple of days and then after some time it dropped down the prices for some reason. Then suddenly last month, when we were just about to see it make debut in the market; the company discovered a drawback in the device and stopped the launch right away. Things have been a bit on the silent mode since then. But now the company has given its final verdict on the launch, and that shall be by the end of this month.


SHIELD is one of the most ruthless projects that NVIDIA has ever taken on, and we consider it among the ones which has quiet a potential to be a hit. While mobile gaming is becoming such a huge success, not everyone likes to get their hands on touch screens for playing games; real game lovers always prefer joysticks and controllers. That is one of the main reasons why SHIELD comes with a game pad which is driving gamer’s entire attention towards it. It has certainly so much appealing in it.

Previous month, Macro revealed its experiences with SHIELD and clearly it portrays that it’s really going to be something worth picking up if you want to experience the joy of portable gaming.

Stay tuned to hear out latest news on this device. We are sure that waiting is getting too tough.

Source: HotHardware | News Archive