Intel Atom Z3770 Bay Trail Performance Revealed

If reports leaked over the internet are true than most probably Intel’s’ next generation Bay trail platform will have some extra ordinary performances. Intel upcoming Atom Z3770 processors allow power quad core chip that will include in the Bay Trail family. It uses the company’s Silvermont technology which is expected to power the upcoming Atom, Celeron and Pentium chips. Benchmark results were recently shown on one of the websites which gave us a clear picture of what kind of performance to expect and highlights on the fact that how the new Atom Z3770 is compared with other processors and its forerunners.

Whereas the Intel Atom Z3770 chip is likely to run at speed up to 2.4 GHz, the benchmark results are for a quad-core chip with a clock speed of 1.46 GHz.

Intel Atom Z3770 Performance

As a result by basic math’s, the final Z3770 will run at a 70% faster clock speed, which means around a 70% better Geekbench score to the tune of 3588. This would actually make Intel’s Atom Z3770 faster than both Temash and Kabini.

Since we know for a fact that the TDP of Kabini and Temash is 15W and 8W respectively where as Intel Bay Trails T Z3770’s TDP is not known though power consumption has been brought to our knowledge i.e. 2W. As compared to Temash and Kabini which have a much lower power consumption figures than their mentioned TDP, Intel Atom Z3770 without any doubt has a better overall performance due to using the latest 22nm architecture.

We cannot say anything with conviction, based on these results since they are from an engineering sample. We might see different picture when retail unit’s hits.

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Source: Chiploco | News Archive