AMD Carrizo Benchmarks Leaked, Shows Double Performance of Kaveri

Graphics benchmarks of AMD’s upcoming Carrizo APU have been leaked on SiSoft Sandra. It shows that Carrizo has 2x the performance of Kaveri and 3x of Intel’s Iris Pro.

AMD Carrizo

Carrizo is set to be AMD’s last Bulldozer-based APU and the last high performance APU built on the 28 nm process. It will also be the first ever full-HSA compliant processor in the world. While Kaveri brought some HSA features to the market it was not fully complaint with HSA. Talking about Kaveri, Carrizo is much like it, it has the same number of CPU scores and same number of GPU compute units. It is also built on the same Globalfoundries 28 nm SHP process. Carizzo though, has more features and is more energy efficient than its predecessor.

Brand new Carrizo benchmarks were spotted on the SiSoft Sandra database that show performance that is much better than AMD’s own Kaveri APU and Intel’s HD5200 Iris Pro. AMD’s A10 7850K scores around 270 Mpix/s, while Intel’s HD5200 Iris Pro scores 200 Mpix/s. Carrizo blows them both out of the water by scoring over 600 Mpix/s. This suggests that Carrizo is twice as fast as Kaveri and three times as fast as Intel’s Iris Pro.


This is quite impressive given the fact that Carrizo has the same number of compute units as Kaveri. For those wondering this is a mobile part as AMD has no plans to bring Carrizo to the desktop. In addition, Gardenia is the codename for the Carrizo mobile platform.


This latest leak also shows us that AMD has been able to clock up the integrated GPU to 800 MHz. That is 80 MHz above a Kaveri desktop part and 170 MHz over an earlier Carrizo sample.

We also want to point out that this is a synthetic benchmark. So real-world gaming performance could be modest at best. This is an OpenCL 2.0 benchmark and the massive improvement could be due to the chip being fully compatible with HSA. In any case these findings are quite interesting.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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