AMD R9 390X To Launch in Q2 With 4096 Cores

A new report claims that AMD’s next generation R9 390X will launch in Q2 of this year and will have 4096 GCN cores as well as 4GB of 3D stacked HBM. The report comes from Sweclockers, who has been proven to be quite accurate in the past, but we still have to say this is a rumor because it cannot be confirmed.

R9 390X

The report goes on to say that the naming of the card will actually be R9 380X rather than R9 390X like we all have thought. This could mean that AMD is planning an ever more powerful card to be called the R9 390X.


The new card is said to have 4096 stream processors / GCN cores and 4GB of 3D stacked high bandwidth memory. This new memory is said to be 9 times faster than GDDR5. Looking at the number of compute units alone we should see a performance increase of about 45% compared to the R9 290X. That is of course without factoring in any type of architectural improvements or the benefit of 3D stacked HBM. This is all we know about the card as of right now.

NVIDIA of course will be fighting back with their offering of the GeForce GTX Titan X or even a GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Time will only tell and as always we will keep you updated!

Source: Sweclockers | News Archive

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