1800 Minecraft Account Credentials Leaked Online

It looks like we have another gaming-related hack. Hackers have posted a list containing 1800 usernames, passwords and e-mail addresses belonging to Minecraft players. While this is a very small number of the total number of Minecraft players the users listed run the risk of having their accounts broke into by anyone that has access to the list, which has been made public on Pastebin.


The first to get wind of the hack was German publication Heise. The posted list allows anyone to log into the game under any of the compromised accounts. Not only does this allow someone to wreak havoc on their virtual world, but also allows them to download full copies of the game, which retails for $26.95.

If you happen to be someone who uses the same login / password for multiple services then your accounts on other services could be at risk too. I would say if you have a Minecraft account it is a good idea to change your password and if you use the same password for other services go ahead and change it on those as well.

Source: Hot for Security via Hot Hardware | News Archive

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