Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Hardware News

Der8auer Gets EPYC CPU Working on X399 Motherboard

Ok well technically it is not really working, but the system does boot up all the way to the BIOS and memory checks, but it does not go any further. Famous overclocker Der8auer went through a blind process to discover that there is a particular ID pin on EPYC CPUs that when covered allows the CPU to be booted up by a X399 motherboard.

Web News

Bitcoin Mining Pool Nicehash Hacked, $68 Million Gone

It looks like we have another high-profile hack that has hit Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency mining pool Nicehash has confirmed that they suffered a hack where users wallets have been cleared out. The hack has transferred 4,736.4281 BTC in total ($68 Million USD) to the unknown party's (the perpetrator's, almost certainly) wallet.

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Raptr Gaming Community Service Hacked

AMD's Gaming Evovled Raptr app, which is much like NVIDIA's GeForce Experience but with the Raptr gamer-community extension looks to be compromised recently. Dennis Fong, Raptr's CEO sent an e-mail out to members and reported that the Raptr service has been hacked and that the attackers may have stolen usernames, first and last names, e-mail addresses and Raptr password hashes (without salt).

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1800 Minecraft Account Credentials Leaked Online

It looks like we have another gaming-related hack. Hackers have posted a list containing 1800 usernames, passwords and e-mail addresses belonging to Minecraft players. While this is a very small number of the total number of Minecraft players the users listed run the risk of having their accounts broke into by anyone that has access to the list, which has been made public on Pastebin.

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