PlayStation Portable Can Now Run Games Natively!!

The PlayStation Portal isn’t a standalone handheld gaming device; rather, it connects to your nearby PlayStation 5 console, enabling you to stream content to its portable screen. It caters to individuals who own the console but may be in situations without access to the main PS5 screen or those who just want to enjoy gaming in their garden. This offers gamers the flexibility to play their preferred games remotely.

portal 02

The Portal system boasts an big 8-inch screen, exceeding the dimensions of the Steam Deck or ROG Ally. In contrast to these standalone devices, which feature powerful AMD APUs for native gaming, the PlayStation Portable adopts a unique strategy. It employs the Qualcomm SG4150P chip, potentially incorporating the Snapdragon 662 or Snapdragon G1/G2 SoC. This chip is responsible for decoding real-time streaming video and wirelessly transmitting controller feedback back to the console.

Notably, a significant advancement has occurred in hacking this system. Allegedly, it can now run games directly without depending on streaming. Andy Nguyen shared a screenshot, claiming that his team successfully hacked the system and demonstrated it running Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories using the PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable 2004 emulator).


Andy has pledged to unveil a video featuring this accomplishment over the weekend. Nevertheless, he stresses that a significant amount of work remains before the hack is prepared for public disclosure. Consequently, updates on this project may not be anticipated for a while.