NVIDIA Has Apparently Hacked Back LAPSU$ Extortion Group

NVIDIA has allegedly hacked the ransomware attackers back by encrypting 1TB of its stolen data.

In a very interesting development reported on Twitter by Vx-underground, a group shared samples of the malware and viruses used by NVIDIA ransomware to attack a South American group named LAPU$.

NVIDIA ransomeware update

Rumor has it that the above-mentioned group performed a ransomware attack on NVIDIA internal servers and has exfiltrated around 1TB of data. NVIDIA, however, has not confirmed the claim. The company just revealed that it is investigating the event.

Bloomberg reported, mentioning their own sources, that NVIDIA certainly underwent a ransomware attack, they partly confirmed the information from vx-underground.

The most special part of the incident is that NVIDIA allegedly hacked the group back and attempted to encrypt the stolen data. Unfortunately, the group has reportedly made a copy of the stolen data on a virtual-machine environment which implies that such a counter-attack step will not be successful.


It seems that the hackers achieved access to company employees’ email accounts. This could be the reason for NVIDIA having problems with their mailing systems for the past 2 days. The hackers also posted source code from NVIDIA drivers. However, the real scope of this incident is yet unknown.

Via VideoCardz