Pure Copper IHS Upgrades for Intel & AMD CPUs Available from RockItCool

It looks like we have a new entry into the deliding and IHS replacement segment, RockItCool. The company will be offering delid kits to replace integrated heatspreader (IHS) on both Intel and AMD CPUs. This of course is to achieve better operating temperatures and improve performance. Deliding a CPU is not the easiest thing to do and will void your CPUs warranty so keep that in mind.

RockItCool seems to specialize in delid and pure-copper IHS replacement kits. These kits take advantage of copper’s high thermal conductivity, which will increase the amount of heat that can be pulled away from the CPU and improve operating temperatures and power profiles.

rockitcool pure copper 2

According to the company using their delid kit and liquid metal TIM they were able to achieve up to a 15º C improvement in operating temperature on Intel’s latest Core i9-12900K, bringing the full load temperature from around 85° C down to 70º C, which is pretty impressive!

rockitcool pure copper 3

Via RockItCool

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