Hackers Are Now Demanding NVIDIA To Make Their Drivers Open Source Or They Will Leak More Data

The Hackers that infiltrated NVIDIA systems, now demand that the company should make their drivers open source or they will leak more data. Hackers are now threatening to disclose more confidential data unless NVIDIA agrees to open source their drivers.

Lapsus Ransom NVIDIA

There have been numerous reports of the ransom cyber attack on NVIDIA servers. The hackers called LAPSUS$ now demand that NVIDIA should release their drivers for Windows, macOS, and Linux as open source. They have threatened NVIDIA that they will release chipset files, graphics, and silicon information for existing and upcoming GPUs.

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The hacking group claims that they possess around 250GB of hardware related data, but it has not been confirmed by NVIDIA yet. Moreover, the hacking group claims that they have analyzed NVIDIA’s position, which suggests that NVIDIA might be trying to negotiate with the group to prevent future leaks.

Via VideoCardz