Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Visual Hacking Is Real, Protect Your Data With 3M Privacy Filters

Typically when we think of hacking we think of people getting into our systems by brute force or DDoS attacks, but many hacks and breaches of security are done by visual hacking. Visual hacking is done by gathering someone's information or credentials by visual means like, by looking over someone's shoulder, or passing by etc. Since today is the 10th annual Data Privacy Day, we wanted to let you know how you can prevent visual hacking.

NSA Hiding Backdoors in Hard Drive Firmware
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NSA Hiding Backdoors in Hard Drive Firmware

Cyber-security company Kaspersky Labs has just exposed a U.S. spying program. According to Kaspersky the NSA is making hard drive manufactures WD and Seagate embed backdoors straight into the hard drive firmware. This lets the NSA directly access raw data, agnostic of partition method (low-level format), file-system (high-level format), operating system, or even user access-level.

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Cybercriminals Steal up to $1 Billion From Banks Around the World

Over the weekend Russian computer security company Kaspersky Lab revealed that a multinational group of cybercriminals has stolen as much as $1 billion from as many as 100 financial institutions around the world. Kaspersky Lab is currently working with Interpol, Europol and other authorities to try and uncover more details on what they are calling The Great Bank Robbery.

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Dropbox Hacked Accounts Claim is Bogus According to Dropbox

There have been a lot of high-profile hacks recently on services that many of us use on a daily basis. First we saw the nude celebrity photo leak from iCloud and just last week thousands of Snapchat images and videos were leaked. Now it has been said that Dropbox has been hacked and over 7 million usernames and passwords have been compromised.

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