Hackers Breach Acer’s Servers Once Again Plundering More Than 60 Gigabytes Of Data

Hackers have yet again managed to breach Acer’s servers for the second time in the current year.

The loss this time has been quite a big one for the company with more than 60 gigabytes of data containing personal details of millions of clients along with sensitive financial and audit records of the company. The news was later confirmed by Acer, leaving no doubts behind.

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The hackers have published personal data of more than 10,000 clients of the company as proof and the rest of the data will be up for sale. It is not yet clear if the hackers plan to sell the data in the underground market or expect a ransom from the company itself.

The back-to-back breaches have put the company’s goodwill at stake. Acer was already at the receiving end of a $50 million ransomware campaign earlier this year. The ransomware gang, as proof of the possession of data, posted some files on the REvil website which included bank balances, financial statements, and bank communications.

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Several months after the incident, the hackers who go by the name of Desorden have now claimed that they have successfully breached Acer’s servers in India attaining the data of millions of customers.