Ragnarok Hacking Organization Abandon Ransomware Plots And Share Decryption Key

According to Bleeping Computers, Ragnarok hacking organization has ceased its ransomware attacks and has shared a key to unlock the encrypted files.

Due to this, all the victims who had not paid the ransom can decrypt their files. The reason for this move is not known yet.

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As per a recent report, new companies and other victims have been added to Ragnarok’s website last week. Probably the ransomware operators have already attacked them and are alerting them through the list. If they don’t pay the ransom, hackers will use the encrypted material to spread around the internet.

In the past few years, Ragnarok hacking organization has appeared in headlines around the world due to its series of large-scale cyber attacks. The group also targeted a Portuguese energy company, Capcom, and other IT businesses. They were able to encrypt terabytes of data and demanded millions to remove the encryption.

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Via BleepingComputer