Gigabyte Servers Breached By Hackers, 112GB Of Confidential Documents Might Be Leaked

Gigabyte has confirmed that the security of their internal servers was compromised on 2nd August. A company’s representative confirms that prompt action was taken against the attack, and the daily operations remained unaffected.

Gigabyte Hack

The manufacturer is also taking help from law enforcement and security experts to handle this cyberattack that affected a small number of Gigabyte servers.

On the other hand, TechPowerUP has shared a message from the hacker which confirms that it was a cyberattack that encrypts the data, and Gigabyte will be forced to pay to decrypt it. Gigabyte might have a backup but there is always the risk of data getting public.

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Although Gigabyte has remained silent about the data in the hacked server, the word is that hacking group, RansomEXX might have accessed 112GB of confidential information featuring AMD, Intel, and AMI documents. The files could contain blueprints for next-generation devices, product roadmaps, or security keys for UEFI/BIOS/TPM data/keys. Gigabyte will be in serious trouble if any of that data is made public. The release of any of that information may have serious consequences for Gigabyte.

Via Techpowerup